Tips for Using Movers and Packers Services

Everything worth knowing about hiring and using movers services

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Safety Tips for Using Movers and Packers Services

There is no doubt that movers and packers services can be of great helps in packing and moving household goods and cars. Not only they co-ordinate the entire relocation just perfectly, they literally, eliminate all the hassles of managing packing supplies, bringing labor for packing, loading, transporting and even insurance. When done right, the services of movers and packers can be used to move and relocate almost all types of goods and articles.

Packing Moving ServicesBut then, there are so many amateur and inexperienced relocation companies out there. And it's nearly difficult to not get trapped with such movers and packers, especially if you have no prior experience in dealing with movers and packers companies in India.

We have worked with several movers and packers over the years and know the industry inside out. Here are some of the quick and simple safety tips, and if you follow these tips, chances are, you will be able to eliminate most of the hassles that you may have heard about in dealing with movers in India.

  • The key to hiring reliable packers and movers service in India is to not fall for the hard to believe lowest price.
  • Cheap is not always the best, so think logically and verify everything, especially hidden costs.
  • Experience, credibility and branch network should get priority over the rates.
  • Get physical survey done in case there are lots of item to avoid any dispute on rates
  • Ask for all inclusive quotation (insurance + applicable tax) in writing.
  • Verify the telephone numbers printed on the bill/brochures/sites etc
  • Always verify the minimum documents such as trade license, service tax no, PAN card, address proof etc of the company and proprietor/directors.
  • In case of storage, always make it a point to visit/inspect the godown/warehouse.
  • Insurance is a must in case of intercity/ interstate move and warehousing
  • Workout a partial payment plan and insist on paying by cheque in the name of the company.

These are some of the quick and simple ways to figure out if the agency is reliable or not. Hope it helps and if you have any other question, feel free to speak with us on 09330866050.

Happy relocation!!